Stranger Portraits - Sigma Sreedharan Photography

Stranger #15 - Suzanne

Suzanne is the stranger I have had the longest conversation with so far. She had a lot to say about what made an Irish Catholic woman decide to convert to Islam. She’s been a Muslim for the past two years. She was attracted to Sufism after reading the works of famous poets like Rumi, Rabia, Hafiz etc. She described herself as a feminist and said that she wears the Hijab (the head dress) to defy the conventions of traditional beauty standards. The Hijab also forces her to be a better person as it is a reminder of her religion and while wearing it she feels like she represents Islam. She also mentioned that it is lonely being a Muslim in this country as the other Muslims she knows are not “Reverts” like her.
Being an atheist all my life, I don’t understand religion or faith or God, but I admire people who have the courage of their convictions and pursue them no matter how hard it is. So Suzanne, I admire you, hope you find the inner peace you are looking for!