Stranger Portraits - Sigma Sreedharan Photography

Portrait of a Stranger #1

I am fascinated by candid street photography, but it is totally outside my comfort zone. Today I decided to push myself and went out armed with the nifty-fifty in hopes of capturing snippets of random strangers' lives. Unfortunately 50mm felt too short to take pics in stealth mode and it takes a lot more guts than what I have to ask strangers to pose. But it turned out that I didn't really have to ask, a few of them just came up to me and offered their interesting mugs for my shooting pleasure! (Well, a few of them offered more than their mugs, but that is a story for another time )

I met this gentleman at the Westlake station. We were both riding the elevator from the underground tunnel up to the street. As I was thinking that he had an interesting face, he asked me if I wanted to take his picture. And I did! I should've asked his name, I have to remember to do that next time!