Stranger Portraits - Sigma Sreedharan Photography

Stranger #14 Judy

I noticed Judy standing outside Nordstrom and I couldn't help ogle at her incredibly put together style. I suddenly wanted to start a new Satorialist style project. Anyway, I approached her with the usual apprehension, fully prepared for a rude rejection, but she was super friendly and just wanted to know what the picture was for. I told her that I take pictures of interesting people and faces around Seattle and that is all she wanted to know. She fixed her hair really quick and flashed me a big gorgeous smile. I am in awe of people who can pose for pictures at a moment’s notice, I always have a fake, awkward photo smile. Anyway I digress, this is about Judy, the chic fashion icon who works at Nordstrom and somehow manages to look so incredibly fresh even at the end of a long day of work.