Street - Sigma Sreedharan Photography

Strangers #3 Young Love

Ah, young love! :) I saw this young teen couple standing on the pier right in front of the setting sun. I asked them if they would pose for me and specifically if they would kiss for the camera. I wanted to capture their silhouette framed against the sunset. Little did I know then that they were on their first date! Obviously he was very eager to oblige. He asked her if she is okay with it, she hesitated for a second before saying yes. And then they started kissing. They just went for it. They didn’t care about the camera angle or getting the sunshine right between their silhouettes or even that there was a camera pointed at them.
They Just Wanted to Kiss. Forever!
I didn’t get the shot I had in mind, but the ones I got were so much better. So candid. So romantic!