Prints and Prices - Sigma Sreedharan Photography

There is nothing more satisfying for an artist than to see their work hanging on someone else's wall. If you like my work and would like to purchase a print, it will be an honor for me. Below are the current prices (Shipping will be extra). You can find the print you want from one of the galleries and click on Buy now and select the medium and size you would like.  Please see below for an explanation of different mediums. Feel free to drop me a line sigma (@) if you have any questions or cannot find a particular piece you are looking for. 

Size Paper - (Metallic/Lustre) Canvas - Stretched Giclee Float Metal (High Gloss/Satin)
12x18 $90.00 $175.00 $175.00
16x24 $120.00 $200.00 $200.00
20x30 $150.00 $261.00 $300.00
24x36 $216.00 $393.00 $500.00
30x40 $300.00 $406.00 $600.00
40x60 $1,500.00
43x96 $2200.00
16x16 $90.00
24x24 $160.00


Paper prints are printed on high quality paper. You can either choose a framing option while you check out, or you can frame them yourselves at home. I offer prints in two types of paper.


This is my recommended media for paper prints. Even though they cost me a little more, I am offering them at the same price as Lustre, as I think my photos look the best in metallic. These prints have a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, you'll see extreme sharpness, brightness, and color saturation with an intense black density. This paper uses a combination of film laminate layers that increase the durability and tear resistance of the final print and produce striking, three-dimensional images on an ultra-bright background.


Lustre is a premium finish on a heavier paper. It offers the vibrant colors of glossy with the fingerprint-resistant finish of matte and none of the glare associated with glossy prints. It has less glare than metallic, so depending on your light source you might want to go with this option.

Stretched Giclee Canvas

The canvas is stretched around a wooden frame and stapled on the edges leaving the full image visible on the front.

Float Metal Prints

This is my other favorite option, if you are looking for a ready to hang solution. Dyes are infused directly into a specially-coated aluminum sheet to create a print with incredible luminescence, detail, and durability.